About Us

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In the winter of 2018, my grandmother transitioned from living in her home to living in a long-term care facility after a major health event. Shortly after, I learned how limited our communication would be. At the time, I was living outside the United States, and I quickly realized how challenging it was to remain connected to someone living in a nursing home or care facility. Gone were the days of easy gift giving related to my Grandmother’s interests, such as gardening and cooking. She even lacked direct access to a telephone.

I visited her after returning to the U.S., and I saw firsthand the limited space she had for gifts like decorative items or potted plants. Additionally, her living situation changed based on room availability and her health, offering little space for mementos and keepsakes. My Grandmother is not a digital native either, so simply texting her a picture, sending an email, or connecting through social media was not an option. I knew I couldn’t be the only person in this situation. When I couldn’t find a solution, I started BRDGD.

BRDGD, LLC empowers families to communicate regardless of generational or technological differences. Our mission is to bridge you and your loved ones across distance, age, and digital ability with enriching activities, personal care items, common interests, and – most importantly – your shared connection.

Despite our distance and differences in technology, my grandmother and I felt more connected than we had in a long time. BRDGD is a project of bringing that connection to families around the world, preserving memories in both cards and computer screens.

BRDGD, LLC grew out of a community of graphic artists, authors, marketers, and small business vendors. With a shared love of art and family, this team has turned my idea to the service you see today.

Welcome to the BRDGD community. I hope you and your loved ones will like it here.

With real regard,

Rachel Cintula, Founder and CEO, BRDGD

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