Three in five Americans report feeling lonely, feeling like they are left out, poorly understood, and lacking companionship. Loneliness is linked to mental health issues such as anxiety and depression, and to physical health issues.

According to Professor Bert Uchino, University of Utah, “Evidence is really pointing to the fact that relationships – the kinds of bonds you have with people, how close you are, how connected you feel to others – impact physical health as well.”

An article in Forbes states the following about loneliness, “Loneliness is dangerous – sometimes, even more so than obesity, according to research presented at the American Psychological Association in 2017. People who had greater social connections had a 50% reduced risk of dying early than those who didn’t, according to research from 148 studies, involving 3000,000 participants. Social isolation, loneliness and living alone played a significant role in premature death, another set of 70 studies representing 3.4 million people in North America, Europe, Asia, and Australia found.”

Are you one of the three and five? Do you have a loved one who could be lonely? Don’t allow loneliness to take your or your loved ones mental and/or physical health! BRDGD can help make those connections, build bonds, and bring you closer to your loved ones.

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