Non-Digital Natives

I spoke with a 74 year old gentleman who was unable to get his hair cut during the pandemic, because the salon where he got his hair cut for 25 years instated a policy that discontinued walk-in appointments and required all appointments to be made through a smartphone application. He did not have the skills to find the application and use it even though he owned a smartphone.

I use my smart phone to check multiple email accounts, the bank, access social media, text, video message/chat, and occasionally make a phone call. I don’t even think about the fact that I walk around with constant internet access. If you have the same access, you might not realize, one third of people 65 and older may never have used the internet and may not have internet access at home. Of those who do use the internet, almost half need someone’s help setting up or using a new device. Those who do have access might not have the appropriate applications or they may have outdated hardware which limits access to some applications.

What can you do to help your dear ones who are not-digital natives?

1)  Ensure your older loved one has the cognitive ability to learn and use new technology.

2) If your loved one has technology, such as a tablet, computer, or smartphone, ensure the device has things like a camera, microphone, and applications needed to connect to the digital world.

3) Consider setting up technology and/or applications for your loved one.

4) Remind your loved one to charge their devices.

5) Be patient! Individuals who are not digital natives do not find technology intuitive.

And most importantly, use the products and services available through BRDGD to communicate with loved ones in a way that works best for both of you!

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