Why the “Month of the Extraordinary”?

I will admit that I want to believe. I love the whimsy and mystery of the improbable, so I felt the month of October would be a great time of year to dig deeper into the eerie, the possible, the extraordinary, since we are already considering those things that make us do a double take and leave the lights on.

During the first week of October, we take a look into spiritualism, which is the belief that spirits of the dead have the ability and desire to communicate with the living. At the peak of the movement in the 1920’s, the great inventor, Thomas Edison, went so far as to create a “spirit phone” to communicate with the dead. It seemed appropriate to tell the story of Sara Winchester and her mysterious house built around the guidance of spirits. Considering what Halloween has become today and how far removed from its origins it is, would you believe so strongly in spirits as to let them act as your architect?

The birthday of the U.S. Navy falls during the second week of October, so I wanted us as a community to consider the eerie surrounding the modern battlefield. What do you do when your high-tech equipment doesn’t provide the answers for what you are experiencing and seeing? I would be remiss if I didn’t remind everyone that this year, the Pentagon released three UFO videos taken by U.S. Navy pilots.

We dive into cryptids and cyrptozoology, or the study of animals whose existence is disputed or unsubstantiated, during the third week of October. Did you know the famed “Patterson Film” of Bigfoot was recorded near Bluff Creek in Northern California on October 20, 1967?

The final week of October we look into the deeper meanings and origins of Halloween. There is so much that could be covered during the month of October – “The Twilight Zone” premiere in 1959, Edgar Allan Poe being found delirious in a gutter in Baltimore under mysterious circumstances, the debut of “Halloween” staring Jamie Lee Curtis, The Axeman of New Orleans claiming his last victim, the beginning of tours of Alcatraz Prison, the first trial for witchcraft in Paris in 1390 – so much we could discuss during this most extraordinary month! Maybe we should do a year of the extraordinary? Leave your thoughts below in the comments.

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